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We will Free Louisiana from DC

Free Louisiana works for Louisiana to peacefully lead middle America to independence –
Join us to help us educate Louisianians on the desirability, constitutionality and peacefulness of gaining independence

Louisiana should be self-governing

Most federal politicians have East & West Coast priorities and values. Since July 2024, Free Louisiana has organized Louisianians to encourage our state government to peacefully lead middle America out of the Union, so that we can have government that protects us, our livelihoods, and Louisiana values. Washington DC doesn’t care about Louisiana and doesn’t protect us from immigration and criminals and our other problems.

A top-rated pollster found that, already, half of Louisianians want Louisiana’s government to lead middle American states to peacefully withdraw their membership in the Union, to create a better federation that can respect Louisiana’s values, recognize our rights, and allow Louisiana to become the most prosperous state in the world again.

Independence Movements Win

Since 1945, over 100 countries have gained independence through various movements.

Follow these simple Steps. We’ll guide you every step of the way

Gather Together

Its time to gather together into Parish Teams with locals who put Louisiana first – the best people in your parish. Join your Parish Team today to get involved.

Work in your Parish

Parish Teams influence their state legislators. They ask their parish government to declare its support for Louisiana independence. They also work to get a question onto their parish or town ballot via petition or by influencing their parish government leaders. The question is: Should Louisiana peacefully become an independent country along with other states of middle America?

Campaign to Victory

When we get a question onto a parish or town ballot, we Campaign to Victory by pushing “YES” for Independence. Our campaigns depend on passionate donors to fund mailings and ads.

The Action Plan

The federal government is gradually making it obvious that it is bad for Louisiana. Our ultimate goal is to shape the state’s political environment, so that when it is obvious to enough citizens and political donors, then our state legislators and governor will choose to set an independence date and begin negotiations with other mid-american states and with the federal government. This will probably be preceded by a statewide referendum on the issue. Already, only 33% of Louisianians oppose, and 46% support, holding a referendum on this issue.

Join us to shape the political environment by gaining media attention, so that we can educate Louisianians on the desirability, constitutionality and peacefulness of gaining independence.

One way we can gain media attention is by success at the parish level. We are just starting out now, so we are researching the ordinances in each parish to find out how to force ballot questions about Louisiana independence onto parish or municipal ballots. If you can gather signatures in your parish, contact us! We need donations to cover the costs of mailers and advertising for these campaigns. You can also ask your parish government to issue a parish declaration in favor of Louisiana independence.

We will ask you to contact your legislators about Louisiana independence, and about certain bills that prepare the ground for independence.  We will identify supporters and opponents in the state legislature and issue a voter’s guide for the 2025 election.

Subscribe to our email list and follow our social media to stay connected – we won’t email you too often. Volunteer so that we can get to know you – our president, Larkin Jackson, will contact you to discuss how you can be a part of Free Louisiana. 

Louisianians are the people who remain after the storm. Let’s show the world what Louisiana can do!

Independence can be peaceful

Jim Crow is in Louisiana’s past, not its future

Independence is constitutional

The Free Louisiana Flag represents our movement and organization. It expresses a desire to protect Americanism and Louisiana from the corruption of East/West Coast rule by making Louisiana self-governing.

Louisiana doesn’t need DC!

The economy of a federation of mid-american states would be the third-biggest economy in the world.  If, in the future, Louisiana announces an independence date, and some other states follow our lead, then there will be few mid-american states who will want to remain behind in a country that has even less influence from middle America.

Or if Louisiana chooses, Louisiana could become completely independent of other states, and just rely on treaties with other mid-american states for mutual defense and trade. Louisiana is more populous than 69 of the 193 nations of the United Nations.

If Louisiana were independent, tariffs collected at Louisiana’s ports would no longer go to Washington DC.

We would get the royalties from leasing Louisiana’s offshore waters for oil drilling, not Washington DC. And Louisiana could vastly increase the amount of offshore leasing to help Louisiana’s oil & gas employment, since the federal government has been very restrictive. The US also restricts Louisiana’s shrimp industry. And the US uses its size to pressure foreign countries to keep the oil price low, which hurts Louisiana’s oil workers and Louisiana’s tax collection.

Long ago, New Orleans was one of the wealthiest cities in the world. When Louisiana regains her sovereignty, she can create a wealthy society that honors God by the righteousness of her laws.

Click here to see WHY Louisiana must be Free of DC!

Louisiana can be ours, not DC’s…

Stand with us as we forge a path towards a self-governing sovereign and independent Louisiana. By becoming a member of Free Louisiana, you join a community of determined citizens who are actively shaping the future of our state.